Hanging Banners

Hanging Banners


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Same Day Service:

Correctly sized and print ready artwork is required.

Same Day Service is GUARANTEED when the order is placed, artwork provided and online or eft payment is received by 11am.

This ensures that product will be available for collection or Courier pick up by end of business, SAME DAY.

If received after 11, every effort will be made to complete by end of business on Same Day, but if not, the Guarantee becomes 24 Hr.


For a custom size, select the closest that is larger. The final print will then be trimmed to the custom size after print.

Stainless Steel 12 mm eyelets are included. These are spaced approx 750mm.

From a 1m wide Roll:

1m x 2m R 450

1m x 3m R 650

1m x 4m R 850

1m x 5m R 1,000

1m x 6m R 1,200

1m x 7m R 1,400

1m x 8m R 1,600

1m x 9m R 1,800

1m x 10m R 2,000

Longer than 10m on 1m media, R 180/m

From a 1.3m wide roll:

1.3m x 2m R 570

1.3m x 3m R 830

1.3m x 4m R 1,090

1.3m x 5m R 1,300

1.3m x 6m R 1,560

1.3m x 7m R 1,820

1.3m x 8m R 1,872

1.3m x 9m R 2,106

1.3m x 10m R 2,340

Orders over 10m  (13 sqm), R 160/sqm

From a 1.6m wide roll:

1.6m x 2m R 750

1.6m x 3m R 1,050

1.6m x 4m R 1,400

1.6m x 5m R 1,760

1.6m x 6m R 1,920

1.6m x 7m R 2,016

1.6m x 8m R 2,304

1.6m x 9m R 2,592

1.6m x 10m R 2,880

Orders over 10m  (16 sqm), R 150/sq Incl

From a 2.6m wide roll:

2.6m x 3m R 1,700

2.6m x 4m R 2,100

2.6m x 5m R 2,400

2.6 x 6m R 2,600

2.6 x 7m R 2,700

2.6m x 8m R 2,800

2.6m x 9m R 3,000

2.6m x 10m R 3,200

Orders over 10m (26 sqm), R 115/sq Incl


The advertised prices are exclusive of artwork design or Layout.
Please supply Correctly Sized, CMYK, No Bleed, No Crop Mark, Print Ready Artwork with EFT or Online Purchase for Same day Service.

Banners over 2.6m in width will definitely have a join and over 6m in length is likely to have a join.

Stainless Steel, 12mm Extra Eyelets R 12 Each

Seem Welds with Webbing is available on request on large banners over 6m in width @ R 45 per running meter This is generaly not required for Banners under 8m in width. Eyelets spaced 400mm should suffice.

This is a 3 to 4 day service. Minimum 20m

The Highest Quality STAINLESS STEEL ONLY Eyelets are used.

Banner Details:
High Quality PVC Gloss/Matt, Digitaly Printed in Full Colour.

Banners are totaly weather proof, waterproof and durable.Artwork requirements:

Correctly Sized In PDF Format, CMYK Colours, No Spot or Pantone Colours, No Bleed or Crop Marks, PDF. 20mm gap to edges from text or numbers, etc. All Text is in Curves (Outlines). 150 dpi Resolution in a file correctly sized for print is sufficient.

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1×2, 1×3, 1×4, 1×5, 1×6, 1×7, 1×8, 1×9, 1×10, 1.3×2, 1.3×3, 1.3×4, 1.3×5, 1.3×6, 1.3×7, 1.3×8, 1.3×9, 1.3×10, 1.6×2, 1.6×3, 1.6×4, 1.6×5, 1.6×6, 1.6×7, 1.6×8, 1.6×9, 1.6×10, 2.6×3, 2.6×4, 2.6×5, 2.6×6, 2.6×7, 2.6×8, 2.6×9, 2.6×10, Eyelets, Seem Weld